Supervision &

Employement Opportunities

I am seeking to create an inclusive, virtual group practice and I’m looking to build my clinical team (supervisees welcome). Part-time (Less than 15 clients/week) and Full-time (16-30) positions available. Applicants must hold a license for independent practice in their state or be eligible to practice with supervision.

BIPOC, sex + kink-positive, poly-affirming, and/ or LGBTQ+, therapists are strongly encouraged to apply.

You have worked so hard studying for years, jumping through every hoop and exam, completing classes, practica, and internships. You aim to further your career, build your skillset, expand your knowledge, and provide high quality mental healthcare services. The reality, however, can be complex, overwhelming, and seem like another long list of hoops to jump through. So why should you work for me? Here’s why:

• Reason 1: Actual Work/Life Balance
• Reason 2: Fully Remote Work on Your Schedule.
• Reason 3: Real Autonomy, Agency + Respect.
• Reason 4: Excellent Pay/Low Administrative Burden.
• Reason 5: Commitment to Inclusive Excellence.

Reason #1: Actual Work Life Balance

You may have worked in environments or under supervisors in the past that did not respect your priorities outside of work. Maybe you were given unrealistic caseload minimums that just led towards burnout.

Here you are encouraged to set your own schedule that promotes an actual work life balance allowing you to be the best clinician you can be AND come home to your loved ones. Set your availability in whatever way works for you! If that means only working 2-3 days a week, great! If that means you’re seeing clients 8pm to midnight, awesome! You are the expert on your needs, and you will be supported here.

Reason #2: Fully Remote Work on Your Schedule

Do you work best while traveling? Or maybe in the comfort of your home office? Either way is fine by me! The efficacy of teletherapy has been proven by the pandemic meaning you can enjoy the benefits of remote work including better work/life balance, health and safety, and cuddling your animals between sessions. If you have high speed internet and a confidentiality supported environment, you can work remotely!

Reason #3: Real Autonomy, Agency, and Respect.

If I choose to hire you, it is because I trust in your clinical judgement and don’t need to micro-manage you. No overwhelming corporate rules or arbitrary red tape here. I know not everyone will approach work the same way I do, and I aim to support your navigation of your growth as the therapist you want to be. If misunderstandings do arise, I encourage meaningful conversation and don’t shy away from conflict management. Don’t worry, no caseload minimums, non-competes, or contract clauses that keep you from your other goals. As well, if and when you feel ready to launch your own practice, you will be cheered on and encouraged to take your clients. I follow an abundance mindset and will add you to my referral list to continue to support you.

Reason #4: Excellent Pay/Low Administrative Burden.

Pay ranges will vary based on licensure, supervision requirements, trainings, and caseload preferences. Raises, bonuses, and stipends are offered based on changes in training, certifications, caseload, performance, and licensure status. Other benefits include professional development, clinical consultation, mentoring, and private practice coaching.

One of the biggest benefits of joining a group practice is to get support on administrative tasks so you can focus on what you do best: providing life-changing therapy! Myself and my administration team will take care of marketing, outreach, and compliance so you don’t have to! As a self-pay practice, you won’t have to worry about insurance or audits, and you can relax knowing you’ll get paid for your service.

Reason #5: Commitment to Inclusive Excellence.

Maybe past work environments have not felt safe or supportive of your experience/identities of being in a historically marginalized group.

Maybe you’ve experienced discrimination in past work environments?

As a Latinx woman-led practice, my commitment to inclusion and the celebration of diversity is deep-rooted and lived. If you seek and thrive in diverse spaces engaging in real, transformative work – let’s connect. I am seeking to fill my practice to create community and safe consultation with inclusive, empowered providers who share my values of radical equity, decolonization of clinical work, and liberation.

Selection Process:

To get to know you better, the selection process involves several rounds of invited screenings and interviews detailed below.

  • Submit cover letter and resume or curriculum vitae to Dr. Lauren Garza – 
  • Attend live, video interview, if requested.
  • Final comprehensive reference, background, and credential check.

Employement Criteria:

• Currently licensed to practice as a psychologist (LCP), LCSW, LMFT, or LPC OR possess the ability to practice with supervision.
• Strong clinical skills in a variety of evidence-based modalities for assessment, diagnosis, case conceptualization, treatment planning, and clinical work in a client-centered approach.
• Evidenced commitment to inclusive, culturally-informed clinical work with a diverse breadth of clients and presenting concerns.
• Strong organizational skills and clinical judgment.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Ability to use electronic health records effectively and ethically.
• Impeccable ethics.

Required education:

• Master’s or Doctoral Degree in clinical or counseling-related field

Required license or certification:

• Degree with ability to practice under supervision.

Instructions to Apply:

  • To start the application process, please send your cover letter and resume/curriculum vitae to Dr. Garza at Please include three (3) references.